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Lolo Brand

The Lolo brand is the cornerstone of the whole franchise. Lolo is not just another ride-hailing service. Being our partner means you share Lolo views and mission.

Lolo Brand



Mobility is our way to connect people. We inspire them to search for new opportunities. We give them a more comfortable, affordable, easy-to-use transportation service — this is the life-changing power of Lolo.

Stands for connectivity

We believe success is determined by action and a portion of good luck. Being at the right time at the right place, meeting the right person can easily change your life.

Connecting all the dots into a unique combination unlocks the potential in people, enterprises, cities — you name it.


Lolo Values

  • Curiosity

    Be ready and look for something new: new ways, new people around, new challenges. Lolo works for those who are curious and want to try novel taxi services that will bring them to new places.

  • Activeness

    Lolo is the brand for those who take actions, those who can’t wait. Lolo users spend each moment of their lives doing something and changing the world around them.

  • Creativity

    Lolo clients are creative and open-minded. They see things deeper, more complete, and can create something new. Lolo is a natural part of their habitat, inspiring them to bring new ideas into their lives.

Feel this all?