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Costs to launch a ride-hailing franchise: calculate now!

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Lolo Calculator

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What do you get with ?

  • Business perspective

    · High return on investment
    · One-time license per country
    · An easy start within a couple of weeks

  • Product

    · Ride-hailing platform with driver and customer apps
    · Brand standards and guidelines
    · Working launch action plan with examples and templates
    · Marketing assets to start your promotion campaigns

  • Support

    · Dedicated team to help you launch
    · App store optimization for your mobile apps
    · Business & marketing consults

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Why launch a ride-hailing / taxi franchise?

  • Spend less

    Launching Lolo is less expensive than launching a business from scratch. You get a brand, software platform including mobile apps, marketing materials, and, of course, all the support from our team and our business partners.

  • Get more

    Ride-hailing is growing from year to year everywhere in the world. This market still has loads of potential. Usually, our business partners get their investments back within a year or two—extremely fast compared to other businesses.

  • Start swiftly

    No need to own a fleet when you work with Lolo. The ride-hailing model assumes using your drivers’ cars or partnership with car parks. All you need is a platform to operate, an office, your dream team, and dedicated drivers!

Curious to learn more about the Lolo ride-hailing franchise?

Curious to learn more about the Lolo ride-hailing franchise?

Just try it now free of charge and see for yourself!